Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Art of Worth, Elsewhere: Giving More Medicine Away, Collecting More Shared Wishes, Growing More Self-Worth

In addition to The Hudson River Exchange event in Hudson, NY, 'The Art of Worth' had the wonderful opportunity to have presence and participate at the annual Germantown, NY July 4th celebration.  Once again we set up the booth, giving away wishing plants, sharing wishes, and exchanging beautiful dialogue with a new audience. 

'The Art of Worth' also planted a collective wish garden at Highwatch Recovery Center, in Kent Ct with the wishing plants.  Each participant chose their own unique plant, imbued their wish with it, and planted it to grow and give medicine.  We are nurturing our dreams collectively.  We also planted a wishing garden in anticipation of next years 'Art of Worth' seeds.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

'The Art of Worth' at The Hudson River Exchange

I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the many beautiful people who participated in 'The Art of Worth' yesterday, at The Hudson River Exchange!  WOW!  Hundreds of you in all different sizes, shapes, ages, etc. shared your greatest wishes, what you would ask for yourself and why you don't always ask. A couple pieces of information you asked about the project are addressed here:
  • More detailed information about your plants, the responses, and this project are here--in this blog. You can find those posts at the bottom of the home page and click on their links.  You can also download the pdf. that includes all the information.  Or you can click on these links to bring you to:
  1. Yarrow
  2. Calendula
  3. Holy Basil (Tulsi)
  4. Responses
  5. About the Project
  6. Download a PDF. 
  7. Share Your Wishes Online
  • My email address for correspondence, questions, and follow up is:, PLEASE share your stories, pictures and anything you would like published about your experience of this ongoing art project at that email--I will publish it here on this blog!
  • I funded this project with love and sweat--and yes, I grew the plants, but couldn't have grown them without the love, help, and knowledge of Dana Eudy at  The organic seeds came from her beautiful organic herb farm in Germantown, NY.  I also had wonderful help, with the hands of Lauren Nelson and Ada Cordova.  Lastly, Jane's Ice cream generously donated their ice cream containers to act as the planters.
 I am thinking to make 'The Art of Worth' a traveling piece--if you are interested in hosting please let me know!  Lets grow our dreams together!